Brown Modelling Agency Is The Pre-Eminent Industry Leader

Wilhelmina models have been known around the world since the agency was formed in 1967 by Wilhelmina Cooper, a Dutch supermodel. The Wilhelmina Agency represented men, women, and children of all sizes in the modelling, entertainment, and musical industry. The Wilhelmina Modelling Agency and the Heyman Talent-South Agency have now become one and has restructured into The Brown Agency. Heyman Talent-South was the most prominent modeling agency in Austin. The Brown Agency has now become the industry’s only full-service agency in Austin, Texas. The Brown Agency is under the aegis of Justin Brown who was the head of the Wilhelmina division in Austin.


Justin Brown is well-versed in how the modeling industry operates because he worked as a model through his college years in Austin. Justin studied business management in college but was always intrigued by the business side of modeling. With his persistence he soon began work for a modeling agency under the heading of development and placement where he trained models how to walk, talk, and land jobs. It wasn’t long before Justin started his own full-service agency called the JB Models and Talent. Check out their website



JB Models and Talent worked with the famous Wilhelmina national agency through a lucrative licensing agreement. His work with his own agency and that of the Wilhelmina agency propelled him into the 2010 growth of national and international runway shows, including commercial and print ads work. Now, he and the Brown Agency remain one of the world’s top respected agencies for young people who want to enter the modeling industry or enter acting.


Mr. Brown reported that the agency is now able to do more in the modeling industry and in a much wider entertainment arena. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin, but the combined agency now has offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. The Heyman Talent-South was founded by Michael B. Bonnee and the agency fostered a theatrical division which is now a part of The Brown Agency. Mr. Bonnee will remain on staff as a theatrical expertise in this division.


The Brown Agency represents men and women in fashion runways, represents men, women, and kids in commercial modeling campaigns, and diverse acting jobs. Popular industry names in the cosmetic, fashion, auto, and IT industry, are now working with The Brown Agency clients in representing their brand in national and international arenas.



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