Boraie’s Passion for Changing Things for the Better

Boraie Development LLC is a company located in New Brunswick and headed by Omar Boraie that is aimed at giving the best in urban real estate market. Omar Boraie is an immigrant of Egypt who was inspired during his time in school in Brunswick to start a real estate firm. Boraie Development LLC offers services like property management, sales/marketing and real estate development. The company has ensured that its clients receive the best services by employing qualified personnel. The company works with the strongest financial institutions in the world to make sure its services are effective to the customers and workers in terms of salaries.

The CEO and Chief Founder of the organization Mr. Boraie is visionary about New Brunswick. He had dreamt of changing the city of Brunswick for more than forty years, which he eventually succeeded in rebuilding. Omar Boraie has restored the city in the same way he saw it built in Europe when he was a scholar there studying Chemistry in 1972. The building was completed in 2007 with 121 units and over 120 business offices. The structure had a parking garage, retail shops and office space.

Omar’s main goal was to attract good quality tenants, business professionals, lawyers, doctors and teachers. The Aspire is designed to accommodate nightlife in terms of clubs and relaxing joints as well as restaurants and entertainment joints. The company has extended its work to Newark and Atlantic City. Check out Rutgers to know more.

Boraie started buying one building after another and ended up buying them all; 21 one of them. Many people saw him as misled, but he had seen a future in this venture. In 2007, Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was built, and then One Spring Street Condominium was set in place. The street condominium had 120 apartments, which served different purposes in terms of business. Each apartment of two bedrooms was being rented between four hundred thousand dollars and five hundred thousand dollars.

Boraie Development has decided to take underutilized buildings and plots, thereafter erecting new houses that will serve the people better. Mr. Omar’s son has also emulated his father, and he is doing the best in turning demolition areas decent and attractive again. Many dumpsites have been converted to new great buildings that serve business people better, therefore, improving the economy of such zones and their surroundings. Mr. Omar Boraie had a great passion for changing something that was useless to something of worth. Visit for more info.

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