Book review on Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn is a common household name in the entertainment arena. He is a seasoned actor who has won significant awards that majority of the actors’ dream of getting. Sean Penn is an Oscar-winning actor who has attracted a wide range of recognition across the globe. In addition, Sean has experienced stints as a journalist and has a history of being an active, outspoken activist. Besides being in the entertainment, Sean has ventured into writing, and his debut novel is Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. According to the ratings and feedback, so far Sean has received positive reviews. Sean in his book addresses issues that affect the common man within the society. Thus to resonate well with the layman, Sean uses characters and objects that are readily available to drive the message home successfully.

During the early introduction of the novel, Sean uses a character of a middle age divorced man who is living a double life. In one instance he travels the world as a waste management advisor and sold fireworks to the dictators and other corrupt leaders. The character Sean uses scares the neighbours due to his antisocial behaviour on the other hand side he is an assassin who kills the elderly using a mallet. The main reason why the majority of people in American society associates with the characters used is because they reflect on the reality on the ground. For instance, in America, people have different side jobs that are private. Besides, that people in America are antisocial, and it’s difficult to know about them, and this aspect is the one Sean is trying to address.


In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean has touched on serious issues that are affecting the society. Notably, one of the societal problems that are affecting the people is drug abuse and its effects on the whole country. In his book, he addresses how the drug lords are living large at the expense of the drug addicts. The drug dealers are enjoying their lives on a yacht at the international waters, while the users of drugs are languishing in the rehabs and other dilapidated conditions. One other sensitive issue that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff addresses are the racial discrimination affecting the American society. After addressing sensitive issues and poking at the Trump administration, Sean does not stop there as he continues in bringing out other controversies. The book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is on point in addressing day to day issues affecting the American people.

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