Beneful at Target: Overview for dog owners

Dog owners are constantly looking for the best food choices at local stores. There is one dog food that is both healthy and easily accessible.

Beneful Dog Food at Target

Beneful dog food is a pet food brand that Target does carry; in a lot of variety too! Depending on the type of food and the amount purchased, owners can expect to pay a price range between $1.77 to $33.99. The dog food can be separated into three different categories:


The dry dog food can be purchased in different amounts ranging between 3.5 and 40 lbs. Beneful has plenty of flavorful options:
-Real salmon
-Savory rice & lamb
-Real beef & egg
-Real Chicken
-Real beef
There are also different types:
-Playful life
-Healthy weight
-Healthy puppy
-Grain free
The dry food bags vary between $5.49 and $33.99 in price.
Wet dog food
Single wet meals are $1.77 to $1.82. There are variety packs of twelve 3 oz cans for $7.49 or six 10 oz cans for $10.59. Their flavors include:
-Beef stew
-Chicken stew
-Mediterranean style melody
-Chopped blends
-Rice & lamb
-Roasted chicken
-Roasted turkey
-Romona style melody
-Simmered beef
-Tuscan style melody


There are baked delights or healthy smile treats. The treats start around $2.72. The weight of the treat packages ranges between 7.4 oz. and 9.5 oz. The flavors are not limited to:

-Peanut butter & cheese
-Bacon & cheese
-Apple & bacon

Additional Insights

Dog owners who are looking to try Beneful but don’t know where to start should try originals beef dry food; Target’s most popular Beneul food choice. Coupons can also be printed for savings.

Dog owners should stop by their local Target and see what Beneful can offer their dog!

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