Relocation by Equities First Holding

A wise business man will tell you that when you see an opportunity, seize it. He will also tell you to base your business on integrity and transparency. You should not steal from your clients also. This is what Al Christy managed to do during the establishment of Equities First Holding. Having been in the field of finance for a long period, he noted that it was becoming increasingly difficult to acquire a loan in the United States. After some small research, he noted that this was the case elsewhere across the globe. He, therefore, decided to establish loan service that used stocks as collateral.

He based his business in Indianapolis, Indiana. The only difference between him and his competitors is that he adopted a way of returning stocks to his clients upon the end of the deal. This has seen him expand his business to Australia where he has three offices. These offices are located in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. As for the Melbourne office, Equities First Holding decided to move location to the downtown of the city. The main aim of this move was to make it accessible to more Australians. This came after some few clients in Melbourne raised the issue that the offices were located far away from downtown.

Apart from Australia and the United States, Equities First Holdings can be found in other parts of the globe such as South Africa, United Kingdom, Singapore as well as Hong Kong. In the US, they have another office that is located in New York, New York. There are benefits that come along with a stock based loan.

First, the loan has a fixed interest, unlike bank loans that deteriorate from time to time. Second, you don’t require security to acquire this loan.Finally, stock based loans can be diverted to projects outside their intended purpose.

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How to Fix Brazil?

Lately, two leaders sat down to discuss how to best fix Brazil’s current water crisis. Rapidly lost water must come to a halt right away if the country’s to press forward. Otherwise, it may find itself in a wastewater management issue similar to the U.S.’s and Greece’s current debt issues. It could be far worse.


Felipe Montoro Jens asked Carlos Edison many questions about how exactly the country’s government plans to impose sanctions and to fix the current water crisis while rebutting with numerous other questions and similar answers of his own. Both leaders found that this problem must be faced without hesitation, and it all starts with the people and with their government. The government must decide what is best for the people, and the people must vote on the government that they think is best for each correct situation: Public power usage, in combination with private and public sectors, was also highly discussed as these themes will only lead to improvements or a decline in the current situation.


Both leaders hoped for the latter. Philip Montoro Jens has interviewed many top leaders in his day. No interview has been quite like this one: This was a special moment for him.


As an expert and a lover of sanitation and sanctions, he got to express some of his best thoughts. He got to ask some of his best questions. In addition, he received answers that he was not expecting.


His input is always appreciated by Brazil’s media. Jens has been to the watering hole and back. In fact, has gone several times; he studied basic sanitation and concessions. He is Brazil’s government. He certainly knows how to combine all information learned from a relative perspective and how to retrieve answers out of people who seem to be hiding them.

Don Ressler Works for the Brands That He Created

Most CEOs play a semi-active role in the company that they are in charge of but most do not know every detail of the company from the ground up. Don Ressler knows that about the companies that he has created and he works to make sure that he is always an active part of the company. By doing this, he has made sure that he can keep track of everything that is going on in the company and the things that are happening with it. He also knows that it is something that can change often and that he must work hard to make sure that things are going to be able to be unaffected by the changes.


For Don Ressler, keeping track of his company is just one of the many ways that he can ensure it will be successful in the long run. He is hoping that the company will get better and continue to be successful like it has been in the past. He also knows that just because he has been successful up until this point is no guarantee that the company will continue to be successful in the years.


One thing that Don Ressler is doing to make sure that TechStyle continues to do well is making it something that people can’t live without. He has put the company in a position in the market that has made it easy for him to try new things and do new things with it. This has given him a chance to make sure that things are going to get better and that everything will work out for the company. As Don Ressler has continued to help the company grow, he has made sure that things are going to work out and that things will get better for him.


Similar to how Don Ressler used Kate Hudson at the beginning of the campaign for Fabletics, he is going to continue to use her to appeal to the audience. Even those who are still unfamiliar with the brand will be able to recognize a friendly face in Kate Hudson. He knows that she wants to be a big part of the company and that she will be able to make a difference for everyone who is working with the company. She has even put a lot of input into the company by designing some of the styles for Fabletics.

The War on Big Money Funding for Politics in US By End Citizen United Gathers Force

There are many organizations and nonprofits in the US waging war with the political establishment to bring back sanity in political campaign funding. One of the prominent Political Action Committees spearheading the struggle is known as End Citizen United. In the recent past, the activities of the PAC have been scrutinized due to claims it was making billions of dollars, and yet it is against political donations that run into millions. The people at the grassroots who support the initiatives of End United number millions, and it is out of their meager but generous contributions that the PAC is raising the huge sums.



In a move that has surprised many political pundits; the End Citizen United has embarked on a drive to support as many Democrats as possible so that pro-reform legislations can receive adequate support. The presence if dirty and dark money whose origin is questionable is raising concerns among the voters who believe that the syndicate of billionaire networks is out to take the political system hostage to its evil schemes .



The PAC hopes to gain the support of pro-reform lobbyists and Democrats in their fight to erect structures that will hinder the operations of the wealthy political shenanigans. The syndicates must be deterred from taking control of elections at all costs. The focus of the organization is to cause disruptions to the funding methods the wealthy employ to buy elections. On the other hand, there are claims that the groupings of the rich political lobbyists are a threat to the presence of Democrats in participating in major political decisions. End Citizen United, therefore, wishes to see many Democratic Senators and Congressmen elected.



The methods they intend to use are many and varied, but now they are focusing on making the issue of big money spending a matter of national concern and debate. Public discussions about how to end big spending in American politics is integral to their overall strategies. For that reason, the PAC is aiming to get many reform-minded legislators elected into both Houses of Parliament. One of their preferred candidates is Montana’s Democratic candidate , Jon Tester who is expected to defend his position. Another candidate is Ohio’s, Senator Sherrod Brown. The organization is convinced that the two leaders and other Democratic champions can make the fight against unlimited political campaign spending efficient.



About its membership, the group maintains that its recruitment process is transparent and open. Anybody who visits their website can view all the pertinent information related to their activities. All the candidates who will be endorsed by the group just need to complete a questionnaire to be considered as defenders of Democratic seats. The perception that the PAC is making more money than it is legally entitled to make is not right because of the popular support End Citizen United has at the grassroots It was founded in 2015 March, and most of the contributors supporting the group’s activities are ordinary citizens. Presently, the organization is advocating for the formation of a larger movement that will bring onboard all Democrats and liberals who wish to change the political landscape in the US.



End Citizen United complies with all the national and federal legal stipulations for the operations of such committees. All the filing requirements and other submissions required by the law are promptly complied with as dictated by the constitution.




Life Line Screening Preventive Resource

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have indicated that in the United States about 2.6 million individuals die annually. Chronic illness is becoming the prevalent cause of many deaths in the United States. Some of the chronic illnesses that have caused rampant deaths could have been avoided. With avoidable circumstances preventive health care serves great importance. Preventive health care is a very effective way to discover health complications during the early stage. Therefore, preventive health care puts in notion appropriate treatment for individuals.

Preventive health care is a very positive and proactive health care method. Preventive health care provides the benefit of decreasing the chances of experiencing very expensive and numerous complications later on. It enables early detection as well as beneficial prevention. Preventive health care also provides the opportunity to identify how to change one’s lifestyle in order to take charge before symptoms continue to increase and worsen.

Every human being has their own health risk factors. Therefore, at Life Line Screening certain test are done for each individual depending on one’s age, health history, kinfolk history, and general risk associated with one’s health. The test done at Life Line Screening that is associated with preventive health includes ultrasound screening, blood screening, and electrocardiograph. The purpose of the ultrasound screening is to be able to view organs within one’s body in order to identify potential health circumstances/ and or complications. The blood screening is done to detect one’s levels such as cholesterol and blood sugar. It can also be used to identify if an individual has damaged function of the liver. Electrocardiograph is done to detect if an individual has an irregular beating of the heart.

Life Line Screening established in the year 1993. Shortly after establishment this company began to stretch across the United States. It was offering preventive screening for more than 500,000 individuals. Life Line Screening has become very involved with health research. Since being founded Life Line Screening has become partners with several insurance businesses, corporations, and hospitals to learn more: click here.

In conclusion, Life Line Screening provides beneficial preventive care on a daily basis.

Honey Birdette and its success

Honey Birdette which is a lingerie brand based in Australia has launched its e-commerce site in the United States. The dedicated lingerie brand has also revealed its plans to expand its retail portfolio in the UK from by the close of 2018 from the current 3 stores to 40. Honey Birdette was established in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan who is an entrepreneur. The brand launched the United States site after it experienced an increase in the US online sales of 374% over the last 12 months. The main aim of the new platform is to improve the experience of the consumers.
According to Eloise Monaghan, the new US e-commerce site is targeting the retail openings in the US and that the lingerie brand has plans to increase its store count in the UK. The First store by Honey Birdette outside of Australia was opened in London’s Convent Garden. The Lingerie brand went on to open two more stores in the Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. Honey Birdette will open 10 more stores in the UK at Newcastle, Westfield, Liverpool, Leeds and Stratford. In Australia where it has headquarters, Honey Birdette has opened 55 stores and also plans to venture into the European market.
Honey Birdette is backed by BBRC which is a private investment company. The cost of the premium label is $60 for the bras and $35 for the briefs. Honey Birdette started in 2006 after two fiends got tired of not finding provocative lingerie and also luxury bedroom accessories. The lingerie brand deals with lingerie as well as bedroom’s high-end toys. The boutiques of Honey Birdette are playful, flirty and sensual. The décor is lush and the guests are normally served with champagne. The lingerie brand’s range of accessories is aimed to create a boudoir experience for the customer.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Out with Old Cancer Treatment Methods, Clay Siegall Determined to Show the Value of Targeted Treatment

Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall is a man of many accomplishments. One may wonder how a Zoology student landed in the cancer research business, but as he tells Inspirery, the answer is a highly personal one. “A family member got sick and the treatment regimen was just brutal.” He shares that this family member nearly died from the chemotherapy treatment, not the cancer. When asked what makes Seattle Genetics successful, Seigall attributes it all to hard work, passion and inordinate amounts of focus.

Siegall obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and his Ph. D in Genetics from George Washington University. His professional experience includes Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute. He is the author of over 70 publications, holds 15 patents, and was recognized by his alma mater, the University of Maryland in 2013 as the Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Alder BioPharmaceuticals, and Washington Roundtable.

Dr. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. This global company is located in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. focused on oncology biotechnology. Simply stated, they are in the business of transforming cancer treatment as we know it, through the creation of and making cancer treatment drugs available that are more effective and less detrimental on the patient. Their primary product is called Adcetris and treats Hodgkin lymphoma relapses as well as relapsed systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Clay is focused on innovating cancer treatment and is passionate about helping suffering from cancer, and he is good at what he does. He blogs regularly about the fight against cancer and admittedly shares about the stresses of starting a new company, but his persistence and passion saw Seattle Genetics through from challenging times to success. Admirably he doesn’t take all of the credit, publicly thanking the geneticists and sales members of his team for where his company is today.


A Review of Vijay Eswaran’s Visionary Leadership At QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a leading entrepreneur in Asia. Before co-founding QI Group, he had spent many years oversees pursuing his studies and working for renowned institutions such as IBM. The graduate of the esteemed London School of Economics has vast knowledge on multi-level marketing and the competitive direct selling business.

At one time, he worked for Cosway’s, a revered multi-level marketing company. Here, Vijay gained immense experience about the effectiveness of the business model. While he was in the UK, he received certification from the world-renowned CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). In addition, Eswaran holds an MBA from the celebrated Southern Illinois University. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

When he returned to Asia, he partnered with Joseph Bismark to found QI Group of Companies in 1998. This corporation has engaged in different industries, including education, logistics, leisure, luxury, telecommunications, collectibles, property management and development, and conference management.

Through his visionary leadership, Vijay has been able to bring the company’s products and services closer to the people by founding regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Owing to his vast experience and success in business, he has been appointed by different organizations to provide them with insights as to how they can enhance their operations.

To this end, he is a member of the Global Business Council and Corporate Malaysia Roundtable, and the renowned Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility. Formerly, he chaired the Council of the Quest International University of Malaysia. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

In addition, Vijay Eswaran has received numerous honors from renowned institutions such as the Asean Business Advisory Council of Malaysia and Global Organization for People of Indian Origin (GOPIO). Notably, Switzerland’s SMC University conferred him with an honorary doctorate. Moreover, The Sultan of Pahang gave Eswaran the honorary title of “Dato.”

The motivational speaker has delivered his speeches to different institutions and conferences. His message zeroes in on matters of spirituality and business. Through his books, Vijay has been able to inspire many people to engage in constructive activities. In his book, “Two Minutes from the Abyss,” Vijay Eswaran encourages readers to have a vision and pursue the activities that they are passionate about.

When one reads the book, he or she will be able to develop a sense of urgency, overcome challenges and live at the present. In addition, the book has used personal insights, humor, stories and practical tips to enable people to know how to bring out their best and manage their relationships.

The Latest Beauty Buzz: Lime Crime’s Magical Cosmetics

The latest buzz in the beauty and cosmetics world is all about the brand Lime Crime. This company was founded by an innovative young woman who is completely passionate about making the best products possible so that others can find joy in self expression. The brand is truly pushing the boundaries of cosmetics, and revolutionizing makeup, which is what they aimed to do in the first place.

The products offered by this LA based company include lipstick, high-lighting shadows, nail products, hair dye, brushes, and bundle packages that mix and match products into fun sets. There is nothing “standard” about the cosmetics offered. The colors in each line are vibrant, artistic, and free from conventional ideas about cosmetics. Did you think that lipstick should come in shades of red and pink? Within this revolutionary brand, lipsticks come in shades that vary from deep purple sparkles to bright metallic blue. The companies CEO, Doe Deere, shares that she thinks makeup should be expressive. The company mission is to give customers a way to “express themselves apologetically”.

A shopper on the Lime Crime website will find products easily, and can browse through offerings and add them to a shopping bag. This innovative LA company is one of the first in the make-up industry to have roots in the digital space rather than offline. They have fully embraced technology and social media, and have a very strong online community formed around the brand. The website is simple and easy to use. Currently it is highlighting the newest collection of products.

As you shop through the “Mermaids Collection” you can “dive in” as a way of purchasing an item, and quaint little bubbles float across the screen as you shop. Everything about this brand has style and personality. Their catch phrase is “makeup for unicorns” which puts the feel of the products so perfectly into words. Unicorns are out of this world, magical, fantasy creatures. They are special, precious, beautiful creatures. The makeup and hair dyes offered by Lime Crime are like nothing our culture has seen before, but at the same time so beautiful and magical that they can not be ignored.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens : Opinion on the Benefit of Partnership between Private and Public Organization to the Current Situation in Brazil

According to Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens, concessions can benefit the services of basic sanitation. Also, concessions that are generated from various programs such as BNDES program are still subjected to debate. However, the water sector of Brazilian Nation accepts initiative. The government of Brazil announced that it would be making concessions through a proper partnership with BNDES. Perhaps, the partnership is an important initiative that will bring improvements on how services are provided. This will be in terms of resource areas and administration structure.

According to Mr. Edison Carlos who is the President of Trata Brasil, 90% of the basic sanitation in Brazil is managed by public power. Seventy percent of the public power is provided by state organizations. Mr. Edison understands that the presence of private inventiveness should not be one of the reasons for excluding public power. Edison comprehends that the two management teams, which are public and private organizations can work in a complementary manner to produce better results than before. Furthermore, government agencies have greater experience that can be used as leverage when forming a partnership between public and private organizations.

Additionally, private organizations have resources that make them important partners when it comes to issues regarding the prevention of water wastage. These organizations have advanced technology, which will be useful in solving the current situation in Brazil. Brazil requires a good investment in the sewage networks. In that case, the current situation in Brazil does not require the structure of administration that an organization has but the required technology to solve the problem.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Montoro Jens is one of the Principal Executives at His company Investimentos SA. He is also an Executive Officer of many organizations such as AC Energia SA, Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA, and Principal at H2olmos. Mr. Felipe Montoro also worked as a board member of the Board of Directors of San Antonio Energia SA, His company Agroindustrial SA, and Foz do Brasil SA. Also, Mr. Jens worked as the head of finance at His company SA.

Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens attended Getulio Vargas Foundation, from where he earned his Bachelor Degree. He also attended TSGM (Thunderbird School of Global Management), from where he received his degree in finance.