Upwork: Ways to Complete Your To Do List

We all have clever ways to list tasks to that must get done, but often we can struggle with execution. At Upwork, a freelancing site, many workers faced completely daily tasks for clients within a specific time frame. These tips can help to get them done.

Capture It All

Write everything down. David Allen, known for the GTD method years ago, says stop remembering everything. Like the Zeigernik Effect, were we all worry about undone tasks, we must write stuff down so we can forget them and move on to completing it.

Prepare In Advance

Take advantage of writing down your list the night before.

One Location

Stick to having your list in one area that you can access all day. Don’t forget to use your task list application, if you are using email.


It’s a good idea to place a time limit on each of your tasks. It will give you a great picture of what is realistic in terms of completing the task overall.


Look at your list and move tasks around on level of importance. This helps you move from one to the other quite quickly.

Continue to Re-evaluate

Keep looking at what tasks you can delete and ones that are not that important.

Stress Free

Save yourself from feeling stressed about getting tasks done by developing a sub task to a task. An app called Clickup helps convert tasks to a sub-list.


Find some software that allows you to list tasks, then zoom in and out to get a better pictures of their relevance.


It’s also smart to create a batch of tasks that have a tag assigned to them. This could be a template that shows what specific tasks you constantly repeat.

Energy Levels

Pick which tasks you can perform at your highest peak of energy. This can prevent you from getting burnt out.

Upwork is a one of the world’s biggest freelance sites to date. It brings together business professionals seeking experienced freelancers with specific skills to perform jobs for them. Nearly 3,500 experts in certain industries have signed up to share their skills.

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Larkin and Lacey-The Duo That Never Gives Up

Joe Arpaio is a name that has hit the American headlines in the recent past. Arpaio, who is the rotten tomato in the market, got pardoned by President Donald Trump. Why is Joe the black sheep of the family?

2007 was the year and night the time when the drama unfolded. Joe Arpaio, who was the Maricopa County Sheriff, used his law enforcement connections to put Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey behind bars. Mind you, all these happened in the cover of darkness when nothing other than the ‘moon’ could see.

Jim and Michael, the two Village Voice owners had it rough in the hands of the police, the reason being they had unveiled vital information about a grand-jury investigation. Joe, since his entry into the law enforcement scene, had encountered some serious backlash from courts and top government institutions, all of who dictated how Arpaio would do his job. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Therefore, Arpaio got really angered when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey did a cover on him. Making the arrest that lasted for twenty-four days was Joe’s way of saving face, something that got him into more trouble.

Larkin and Lacey sued the County based on defamation charges, a case they won. Additionally, the court issued them with an over three and a half million dollar settlement, money have since put to good use thanks to their philanthropic course.

Arpaio, before the expose, had evaded jail thanks to his friends in high places. Unfortunately, the law soon got a hold of the ‘black sheep’ and the man found it rough in jail. Today, Arpaio is a free man all thanks to the pardon given by President Donald Trump. For sure, Joe who has always been a vocal anti-Obama supporter won a place in Trump’s heart, hence his freedom

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, despite the release of Joe Arpaio, are constantly fighting for Latino rights. Individuals like Arpaio are always on the duos radar since Joe has always been against immigrants and their rights for the longest time now.

Thanks to their settlement, Jim and Michael have more than enough money to propel the agenda of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund forward, a philanthropic umbrella body the duo owns.

Lacey and Larkin, having been journalists are slowly returning to their trade. They now own Front Page Confidential, a platform they have used to cover quite a significant number of threats that get directed to free speech and the First Amendment. Are they slowing down soon? Not by a long shot as their personal backgrounds tell it all.

Michael Lacey, who also happens to be the son of a construction worker, began his career in journalism decades ago. Lacey was able to create an interesting piece on campus antiwar protests despite being a dropout.

Jim Larkin, on the other hand, met Lacey while at the New Times, and it is from there that their relationship grew. Today, Jim and Michael have become two forces worth reckoning with, all because they stuck together to form their brotherhood.

Meet the Great Talos Energy

After Harvey’s tropical torment hit its second day, Tim Duncan’s suburb, in North Houston streets were impassable. The powers had gone off, and it was all darker when a report came that another 6-feet Hurricane Harvey floodwaters were expected to hit the area. Duncan took to rescue the wife and his six-year-old son, Christy in a FEMA rescue boat.

The CEO of the great Talos Energy, Duncan was beside himself. For almost four months the CEO had been arranging a 2.5 billion dollar merger of his company with the Stone Energy. Stone Energy is a bankrupt public trading company. This venture was risky, but he believed that it would make him a public entity without putting it on the expense of the public offering. He expressed his concern to get the deal done and not give the excuse of the expected floods.

He then called a private plane and boarded together with his family to Alabama. On his return to Texas, Duncan camped at his mother’s place, a premise that was in Houston but it was dry and high. For weeks he worked till late and planned on how to negotiate for the deal from the mother’s dining table. To know more about Talos Energy click here.

Following the successful merger, Talos will be able to take over the Stones listings with Duncan presiding over the oil company that has annual revenue of over 900 million dollars. All the assets of Talos will be traced from the Gulf of Mexico. The company’s low-risk balance would scarcely offset massive operating risk in such a location where the drilling might cost billions of dollars. There is also a catastrophic risk in the preferred position.

However, this is a very contrarian bet. Crowds are located in different places where technology can be well used. Nevertheless, this company is like a classic wildcatter with the confidence to take chances on wells even outside the United States waters as well as on political grounds such as Mexico. The newly formed firm will be able to produce over 48000 barrels in a day, and it is anticipated that this number may go high. It is right to say that for Duncan crises are always opportunities.


Jason Hope and Aubery De Gray’s journey to age-reversing medications

Jason Hope is an Arizonian philanthropist who is dedicated to supporting different philanthropy works like the age reversal research program undertaken by SENS. Jason Hope funded SENS with a belief that the organization has the right manpower and looking for the right equipment to realize this overachieving dream that many experts in the field of medicine are not interested in exploring.

Jason Hope together with other philanthropists like Peter Thiel the co-founder of PayPal and Aubrey de Gray the co-founder of SENS Foundation are all believers in the prospect of the medical experts making a discovery of the “fountain of youth.” Hope contributed $500,000 to SENS Foundation which has been tasked with establishing a lab program in the United Kingdom and in the development of what is called AGE-breakers.

AGE-breakers are drugs that are used to clean up the end products of advanced glycation. These end products accumulate in the body as we grow old. These byproducts result in a rigid skin and veins. The net effect is an uprising of one of the most dangerous diseases, high blood pressure, together with other age-related conditions. We have seen the animal kingdom successfully getting an age-breaker, but developments are still in play to fully identify the AGE-breakers.

The AGE-breakers have been one of the challenging blocks in the path to the age reversing medication. But that is not all, there are still many more challenges in store, like the one which De Gray refers to as the “pro-aging trance.” Gray believes that the concept of letting aging be accepted as part of natures course is a counterproductive process. De Gray takes on aging just like any other disease that is not helping our aging process but limiting the quality of life when most people should be resting instead of taking long trips to the hospital.

De Gray and Jason Hope believe that human beings can live longer healthier lives. Although the crazy years of 150 are not within reach, De Gray believes that when repetitive confrontations are done onto the cellular triggers of aging, there is a way that will present itself to lengthen a healthy life. The kind of lifestyle De Gray envisions is not the fiction type. He does not picture humans living for hundreds of years, but he envisions a life where an elderly person lives a much more active and healthier lifestyle for a long period of time compared to the current living patterns.

To know more click: here.

End Citizens United is bound to stop the negative effects of Supreme Court ruling on the U.S Democracy

The political grounds in America are extremely complex, and at points, court case rulings have tremendous impact over time due to the ramifications and consequences that they carry through time. One of those rulings is the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision by the US Supreme Court in 2010.

The ruling itself derives from a Citizens United refusal to disclose who paid for a 90-minute film titled Hillary: The Movie, which was found by the Federal Election Commission to be a campaign ad attacking then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008. Citizens United sued the FEC even when the federal law at the time required the identification of sources of funds for political ads. In the first instance a federal court ruled unanimously to uphold the FEC decision, however, two years later, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the federal ruling by the minimum margin of 5-4. This ruling drastically changed the landscape of political life as it guaranteed the right to free speech to corporations, drastically changing the amendment’s spirit to protect individuals.

This change in the political landscape enabled corporations to significantly influence U.S. politics: After the ruling corporations could pour money into the political campaigns with minor traceability of the origins of the resources. Organizations such as End Citizens United have warned that this gives tremendous power to organizations that reflect the interest of the most powerful minorities and are significantly influenced by foreigners and foreign countries and effectively reduces the power of the voice of the average citizen.

This ruling has found significant resistance and criticism as it undermines the spirit of democracy where the electoral power is evenly distributed across individuals to be inclusive of all points of view. Political Action Committees such as End Citizens United has been actively involved in bringing the electoral power back to the people.

End Citizens United acts on two fronts: they support campaigns of candidates who have strongly pledged to reform the campaign finance laws and support all specific efforts to overturn Citizens United ruling. Beyond this efforts, the fundraising of End Citizens United mirrors the philosophy of the group by raising money through grassroots fundraising and unlocking the full potential of the small donor. This approach in itself is a direct counter to the big money campaigns that currently undermine the U.S. democracy.

Read More: www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/

The Philanthropic Heart Of Perry Mandera

Custom Care Charities is a part of The Custom Companies Inc. This charity provides food during the holiday season for needy families and was started by Perry Mandera. This Illinois based charity enabled children to have gifts for the holidays along with warm coats. Giving back to the community is incredibly important to Perry Mandera (Inspirery).

When Washington was severely damaged by tornados in 2013, Perry Mandela had The Custom Companies transport supplies, necessities and food to the families. When Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi Perry Mandera had enough supplies to fill forty trucks delivered to both states. Some were the result of a donation drive while others were purchased by The Custom Companies. When the wildfires devastated California last year Perry Mandera made certain his company donated supplies and food.

Through Custom Cares Charities Perry Mandela has helped families and children during the holidays, he coaches sports teams and sponsors boxers. Two of these boxers made it to the Olympics. He provides financial aid for organizations and teams promoting activities and fitness for children in need. The Jesse White Tumblers provides inner city Chicago children with activities so they avoid gangs, alcohol and drugs. Perry Mandela serves this organization as a member of the board.

Perry Mandera is a proud American and supports the women and men serving the military. His donations to numerous charities provides aid to veterans. The Custom Companies hires veterans and helps them find employment once their tour of duty has ended. Perry Mandela served the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and received an honorable discharge. This was when he learned to drive a truck and his interest in the transportation industry peaked.

Perry Mandera optimizes transportation services with his work with the Environmental Protection Agency. The SmartWay program through the EPA maximizes the efficiency of transportation and The Custom Companies is in compliance. The target of the program is freight transport and the goal is to reduce every vehicle’s carbon emissions. SmartWay provides free solutions for logistics and freight providers including tracking emissions and fuel usage documentation. Perry Mandela analyzes their data to make beneficial changes and find optimal solutions.

New Wave of Thinking with Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is one of the leading men that inspire entrepreneurs to become successful, and along with that helping their community. Glen is not only a man of success, but an educated man as well. He received an undergraduate of economics and finance from Scranton, and then almost a decade later went and got his MBA from the University of Chicago. Earning all these degrees and working hard landed him a position with GE Capital, and found his place there evolving his “persevere through problem-solving”.

Glen worked with GE for more than twenty years, eventually landing him as CEO of Money Latin America. His role as CEO made him a huge success, he expanded to nine countries with thousands of employees all over the world. Not to mention making $12 billion dollars in assets, the success had it’s perks and allowed Glen to live all around the world. During this time Glen founded two company’s Nova For and LaunchPad, this gave him the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise.

Glen’s business know how is equal to his compassion, he ran a blog helping other entrepreneurs and soon to be CEO’s. It shows he wants other to be successful for those who are willing to listen to him. Glen Wakeman helped two start up company’s called Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded. He is determined to help every business person not fail.

Glen’s company LaunchPad is proof of that, curiosity of why so many company’s failed early on. His idea to build a skill set to help new company’s be successful, he saw that many company’s that fail is due to not having a solid structure to them. His twenty plus years of work had taught him that behind any idea you have to back it up. Every idea has to have a solid way of making sense and being able to sell it easily. Having constant new idea flowing is never a bad thing, just make sure to question them to make sure they can stick.

Glen Wakeman’s curiosity is what built him his empire. He now is interested in seeing how machine’s could help solve problems. He thinks having machines help you go through data can help find flaws maybe ones you can see due to data overload. I’m sure his need to know will lead to great things for him in the end.


Sean Penn’s Writing Debut with Honey Bob Who Just Do Stuff Makes Him More Popular

As if Sean Penn wasn’t popular enough already, his new book helps people see him in a different light. It gives them a chance to see him as a political figurehead and someone who knows a lot about the politics going on in the country. Sean Penn wrote Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff because he wanted to show people things about politics he thought were important. Without taking a direct stand on anything political, Sean Penn used Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff to make sure people understood how issues had a direct effect on the way things are in the country. In Rolling Stone Penn said that he wants to write another book. Because Sean Penn knows how to help people, he feels good about the book and good about what he did while he created the book. He also knows people like books better when they can relate to them so he made sure Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is relatable.


Now that Sean Penn is stepping back from his acting career, he has time he can focus on the writing career he created for himself. It’s his goal of helping people see positive things in poor political situations that keeps him from causing issues in other areas. While Sean Penn knew things were sensitive when it came to political writing, he wanted to be sure he was helping people have a good understanding of how things would continue getting better with all the political issues they had.


Sean Penn’s success depends on how hard he works and what he’s doing to help other people see the positive impacts that come from his writing. No matter what issues people have, they can relate to the writing opportunities he came up with. Everyone gets a chance to see what he’s doing and see the impact of his book on the culture. Sean Penn always makes sure he can help people see what they need to do and see the opportunities they have to continue their different levels of success. He wants to continue giving people these chances no matter what they relate to.


NGP VAN: Giving Campaign Managers Better Tools To Improve The Campaigns That They Work On

The task of putting together a political campaign has never been easy. There are several intricacies that come along that one has to pay attention to when putting together this kind of campaign, which is why most senators and government officials choose to seek the help of a campaign manager. But the campaign manager too is generally just one person working with a team of a few people. They too have a big task on their hands which can sometimes be hard to meet. Fortunately, companies like NGP VAN, featured on Facebook, come along to save the day and aid campaign managers, making the work that they do easier and a lot more efficient.

NGP VAN is a tech company that aims to offer the tools to be able to put together a good campaign. With the improvement of technology and the extensive reach that it has in a country like America, making use of the internet for a campaign has become essential. NGP VAN tries to focus on the digital side of campaigning, offering some tools to be able to put together a good and efficient digital campaign so that candidates can reach their desired target audiences.

Every year, millions are spent on campaigns for elections within the United States, and these candidates always want the very best to improve further their chances of getting into the position that they are working towards. Analyzing your target audience and working around them has always been one of the leading ways in which campaigns are put together. With the internet, attaining this kind of information is a lot easier, because of the sea of information that the web has developed into. However, this information is often not analyzed in the best way possible, which would usually result in less efficient campaigns. Through the services that they provide, NGP VAN has been able to offer campaign managers with the right digital analytical tools to be able to understand their audience in a better manner.

NGP VAN has worked mainly on Democratic and Progressive Campaigns and tries to offer their services to a wide number of charities and NGOs. One of the campaigns that the organization worked on in the past was for Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign, which was an incredibly successful run. During this campaign, NGP VAN provided a range of tools to be able to integrate various mediums for the party to be able to fundraise in a better manner.


OSI Food Solutions is Trying to Feed the World

There are tons of ways to compete in the business world. Some people go for aggressive expansion and leverage company assets to acquire more property, business, and networking. Other companies prefer building a network of loyal customers through referrals or charity driven options. One food company in the meat industry is using aggressive expansion in a smart way to remain competitive.

OSI Food Solutions is a Top 100 Food Company. They haven’t gotten this far without making some key plays around the globe. Recently, however, OSI Food Solutions seems to be ramping up their efforts across pivotal points in Europe.

In Spain, OSI recently upgraded their chicken production at a large factory in Toledo, Spain. This chicken producing factory, which is a chicken producing Goliath, was recently ramped up to produce double it’s capacity. The factory used to produce a shocking 12,000 tons of chicken a year. Now, the factory produces 24,000 tons of chicken a year. That’s not all, the factory was also equipped with state-of-the-art employee lounges and a fancy production testing kitchen.

Meanwhile, in the UK, OSI was making a big purchase. Flagship Europe, otherwise known as Creative Foods, is a major producer of frozen poultry, pies, fillings, and sauces. OSI scooped it up in a surprising undisclosed purchase. This purchase sees OSI increase their overall brand and their portfolio. Adding pies and fillings to their line of products helps OSI better service their customers in the food industry.

In the Netherlands, OSI Food Solutions was also on the lookout for good deals. When OSI had a chance, they acquired Baho Foods. Baho Foods is an important purchase, not only because it gives OSI Food Industries access to one of the largest producers of deli meats and other convenience foods. Baho services many food-service locations in the Netherlands and Germany. Both of these are notoriously difficult positions to branch into in the food services industry.

OSI Food Solutions is showing that aggressive expansion can be done properly and with brains. These recent purchases should see them move a few ticks up on the Top 100 Food Companies list. OSI Food Solutions should continue on their path of dominance in the food services industry. Take this as an example of a company that is fighting tooth and nail to make themselves dominant in their industry.

To know more visit @: de.osigroup.com/locations/