Ara Chackerian Takes Pride In His Entrepreneurial And Philanthropic Spirit

Even from a tender age, Ara Chackerian realized that experience is the best teacher. Simply put, he realizes that ideas often come from life experiences. He makes dedication and commitment the guiding force in his life, whether it be business or philanthropy.

At present, Ara Chackerian is the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, a healthcare investment firm focusing on up-and-coming medical organizations. He is also the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, which provides transcranial magnetic therapy to individuals with depression resistant to medication.

One of the things Ara Chackerian and his business partner realized almost right off the bat was the fact that there are literally thousands of patients that suffer from depression that is resistant to medication. Coupled with the fact that many psychiatrist work in very cramped offices and only provide consultation for medication to their patients, the idea for TMS Health Care-and a new kind of therapy-was born. Check out limonapateak for more.

Chackerian is not only proud of the founding of TMS Health Care, but he also takes great pride in his upbringing. His father Richard always encouraged him to take a hard look at life lessons and try to determine what to learn from them. One of the things he has learned is that someone is always worse off than you are. This is why besides his medical business efforts, he also likes to give back to the community. One of his many philanthropic projects would include serving on the board of directors of Nor Luyce with his father. Nor Luyce is a mentoring program to help young female orphans transition into adulthood.

There is no question that Ara Chackerian is proud to be on the board for this charity and to be the primary funding source for it since its inception. He realizes that helping women have better lives ultimately helps everyone, whether it be through depression prevention efforts or through giving back with his charitable efforts.

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A Top 100 Company In OSI Group Food Solutions

OSI Group Food Solutions & Its Company History & Background

All in all, there is no getting around the fact that both the Food and Business industries are two of the most successful industries around. With that said, however, they are also two of the most challenging to work in. Even though there are many successful Food and Business industries worldwide, their employees will be the first one to attest to the fact that the work is demanding and even tedious. For this reason, combined with other several factors, is why not too many companies in either industry grow to become large and thriving companies. Again, while there are a few, perhaps none have been as impactful to both industries as the company OSI Group Food Solutions has been over many years. As for OSI Group Food Solutions, their success is derived from countless years of trial and error. As good or bad as that has been for OSI Group Food Solutions, they are now one of the leading food and business companies around. In fact, they have received numerous recognitions for their contributions to the nation’s economy. OSI Group Food Solutions has been that impactful and, in many ways, they are seen as the standard of excellence when it comes to successful companies. Needless to say, they have earned their prominence in many ways. So, to further understand how OSI Group Food Solutions has managed to become such a prominent and thriving company, here is more on the company and some of their many company accolades.

More On OSI Group Food Solutions & Being A Top 100 Company

As alluded to before, OSI Group Food Solutions has set the bar high for what it takes to be a leading company in two very competitive industries. The company, which specifically operates as a successful global food provider to many of the world’s leading food service, has shown what it takes to stand the test of time. Since its establishment, the company has prioritized its ways to do nothing but produce, provide, and prevail. That is why it is no surprise to hear that they have landed a spot as a top 100 company by many different sources. This just goes to show how dominant and game-changing the company has been since its start. When all is set and done, there is no denying that premier global food provider, the OSI Group Food Solutions is one of the greatest companies around.

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The RealReal Projecting Real Success

In a recent article posting by the DigiDay, discussed the projected success of The RealReal. The RealReal first became a success at its first location in New York. The company has plans to continue to invest in 2018, naming 2018 “the year of the pop-up.” Allison Sommer, the company’s director of marketing, stated that “stores help to legitimize your brand.” The RealReal held a pop-up shop in 2016 which was said to have brought in around $2 million. This helped boost the company to open a SoHo location later that year. The RealReal will continue to host pop-ups based on the success of the first one. Sommer stated that the overall order value at a pop-up is averaging six times more than orders that are placed through the online website. These pop-up shops get brands known and boost market sales. Next, the RealReal will be holding a pop-up shop in Las Vegas. The RealReal is interested in targeting consumers who have not had the experience of a pop-up.

The RealReal was founded by Julie Wainwright, who serves as the company’s CEO. Wainwright is known for her company being one of the “fastest-growing consignment startups.” The RealReal has earned roughly $123 million and it has been projected that the company is on the way to reach $500 million in gross merchandise value in 2018. Wainwright has attributed her company’s success to targeting the luxury marking and ensuring that the products sold have been well inspected and approved before being shipping. The company is now considering opening permanent stores across the country. The RealReal not only sells clothing, but also luxury watches and other fine jewelry. Rolex is the best-selling men’s item and for women, brands such as Chanel are the best-selling items across all age groups of women. The company has a team of experts that value and authenticate items. The company employees 75 gemologist, watch experts, and several other industry professionals that help the RealReal sale high quality items. The company hopes to continue to grow and reach new aspects of the luxury fashion industry.

A new you with Dr. Mark Mofid

Augmentation surgery is about bringing out the person one truly desires to be. From minor cosmetic alterations to full blown body enhancement, surgeons find the demand for cosmetic augmentation to be one that can often lead to dangerous procedures or ill after effects. Dr. Mark Mofid understands this fine line and strives to bridge the divide between aesthetics and safety when performing his implant procedures.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a highly reputable implant surgeon who currently resides and works in the San Diego region of California. With over 14 years of experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid works constantly in his field to ensure his patients are both safe and happy. Adding to his already strong resume, Dr. Mark Mofid studied at both Johns Hopkins University and Harvard.

In a recent San Diego Patch article, Dr. Mark Mofid goes into details about his work in the gluteal augmentation procedure and how his 8 years of work has yielded remarkable results. His attention to details has changed what was being marred with generic implants and often disastrous results to a procedure that caters to his patients that consider body type, muscle structure, and more details that prove to be critical in the safety of the procedure.

What makes Dr. Mark Mofid’s ethics stand out from other surgeons in his field is his commitment to his craft. His facility in the San Diego region touts some of the most state of the art equipment and interior facilities to provide a comfortable experience for his patients.

He also goes into details with his patients the journey that will lie ahead for them before and after the procedure they seek. While Dr. Mofid wants to provide his patients with the image they desire, he will not do so at the risk of their health. His belief that his work is the best form of advertisement is a testament of his passion for the work he does on a daily basis.

How Heal N Soothe May Help Pain

Heal N Soothe is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals and is said to help in natural pain relief. The supplement contains 12 completely all-natural ingredients that are said to be anti-inflammatory that helps to treat the root cause of pain.

Ingredients in Heal N Soothe

There are 12 ingredients in the supplement. They are:

1. Turmeric. Turmeric has been thought of for many years as a power anti-inflammatory. It is said to help with swelling and removing toxins from the blood.
2. Papain. This enzyme is said to help the immune system and can attack cancer cells.
3. Bromelain. This is derived from pineapples and is said to help to decrease information and removing waste from the blood stream.
4. Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a well known anti-oxidant. It can help to boost the immune system’s function.
5. Ginger. Ginger is known for its anti-nausea properties and anti-inflammatory properties.
6. Rutin. This is another antioxidant that is said to help rid the body of inflammation and sickness.
7. Devil’s Claw. Some studies suggest that this herb is a pain and inflammation reducer.
8. Systemic enzymes. This is a combination of several different herbs and bromelain. This is said to aid in healing and pain reduction. Heal N Soothe has incorporated this in to ensure that the best chances of reducing inflammation are met.
9. Boswellia. This Indian herb has been said to help improve blood circulation as well as being an anti-inflammatory. The makers of Heal N Soothe, have done their research in adding this popular plant to the supplement.
10. Citrus bioflavonoids. These are made from citrus plants. It is said to help to increase your body’s ability to absorb vitamins.
11. L-glutathione. This compound is said to help increase your health by adding further antioxidants into your blood stream.
12. Yucca root. This root has been long thought to help increase circulation and to increase the chances of inflammation.

How They Work

Each one of the above ingredients in Heal N Soother, is said to help the body fight off inflammation. Often, when we are in pain, we are suffering from some sort of inflammation. For example, your hip could be hurting, and you might not know the cause. Your hip joint could be inflamed. That inflammation could be putting pressure on your joints, which would cause the pain that you are experiencing.

Heal N Soothe may be a good option for those that are suffering from pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of the supplement may improve certain ailments.

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Jason Hope’s Role in Pioneering Anti-aging Research

Recently, SENS Research Foundation concluded its Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference where they discussed the Emerging Regenerative Medical Solutions for aging-related diseases. The foundation holds this conference annually. In his opening statements, Mr. Aubrey de Grey, the co-founder of SENS Foundation, emphasized on the general objective of the summit and the role of SENS in the industry. The conference and foundation goal is to create a transformation biotechnology section that would expedite drugs development using the broad-based affiliation of damage repair competence.

The event provided a platform for the key players and professionals to share ideas on different topics such as enhancing Regenerative therapies in Parkinson disease and cancer. They also deliberated on the molecular and cellular as the primary cause of age-related diseases. These subjects are the primary focus of operations of SENS Foundation which is a non-profit establishment. The organization gets funding from prominent philanthropists, scientists, researchers and private people. One of the key supporters of the entity is Jason Hope. For many years, this visionary leader has contributed a substantial amount of cash to the firm.

In 2010, Jason donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This contribution facilitated the organization to put up and also equip its laboratory in Cambridge and to implement a new research plan as well. Not long ago, Jason Hope clarified why he is always involved in supporting SENS Foundation goals and its operations. According to him, organizations like SENS are utilizing an unprecedented approach to anti-aging.

The primary focus of SENS foundation is to locate a solution for diseases that break down the human body leading to people aging earlier than they should. Lung and heart diseases strain all your body functions. Traditional medication focuses mainly on treating these illnesses once they occur. However, Jason notes that organizations like SENS Foundation are concentrating on stopping the occurrence of the ailment.

Jason Hope is an active philanthropist, futurist and a successful businessman based in Arizona. Hope has a massive interest in anti-aging research, technology as well as giving back to the society. Jason graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also earned his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. He began his business after getting motivation from the advantages of mobile communication technology. Hope runs his mobile communications firm and focuses mainly on investing in biotechnology, philanthropy, and startups. He also creates grant programs for businesspeople and mentors high school learners within his home area.

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NV Real Estate Provides Top Investment Advice

For those that are looking to earn a great income and build long-term wealth, becoming a real estate investor could be very beneficial. Unfortunately, those that are not very educated or experienced in the subject are could struggle. For those that are looking to learn more about real estate, attending the NV Real Estate educational sessions could be a great option.

NV Real Estate is an organization that was established by Nick Vertucci. Nick Vertucci is a seasoned real estate investor that has been investing in the industry for more than 10 years. Nick Vertucci has a lot of experienced in investing in all parts of the economic cycle and can help anyone to succeed when they attend one of his educational sessions.

When you attend one of the investment seminars hosted by Nick Vertucci and NV Real Estate, you will learn a lot of tips that can help you to become a great investor. One of the first tips that they will teach you is how to find properties and investments to buy. This can include helping you find ways to find properties that are not yet publicly listed, how to quickly identify properties that are in good shape or will need a lot of work, and how to develop a business plan for flipping or holding the asset.

Another part of the seminars that are held by NV Real Estate will include helping you find ways to raise capital. The real estate industry is a very capital-intensive industry and you will likely need assistance on your first few deals to raise the capital you need. The organization will be able to teach you tips on how you can find investors or lenders that can provide you with the capital that you need to get into your first assets and succeed.