Securus Technologies Wants Inmates To Be Without Cell Phones, And That Is A Good Thing

There are obvious reasons why inmates should not have cell phones that they can use in the prisons, but that does not stop some people from not seeing it. They can try to make the case that inmates have rights too, but what they are failing to see when they say things like that is just how dangerous those inmates can be in certain situations. People are not making up stories to make inmates look bad, there are real life examples that have put the lives of real people in serious danger.


A Shooting In South Carolina


If you want to know what damage an inmate with a cell phone can do, talk to Robert Johnson about it. He is a former corrections officer who has had his life touched directly by violence from inmates who were not happy with him. Those people were part of a prison gang that wanted the man taken out because he had prevented contraband materials from getting out to them while they were in prison.


Johnson had found a package that had materials that clearly were not allowed in the jail. He intercepted that package so that it did not reach its intended target. In doing this, Johnson put himself in danger when the gang decided that they wanted to take out their revenge. They do so using a cell phone to place a call to someone who attacked Johnson in his own home. Shots were fired, and the former corrections officer was lucky to have survived at all.


Securus Technologies


One company that heard about this and immediately wanted to do something about it was Securus Technologies. They are a company that provides secure communications services for prisons. They work with local and state authorities to help make sure that everyone is able to talk to the inmates that they need to only in the most secure of ways. This ranges from lawyers to family members.


Another service that Securus provides is the technology to stop something like what happened to Robert Johnson from happening to anyone else. They have cell phone tracking technology that lets them know the moment a phone has entered a prison that it is not supposed to. They can track that phone down and have it removed from the prison immediately. The inmate with the phone can then be punished accordingly. It is through the use of technology like this that Securus is literally able to make the world a little bit of a safer place. We should all push for more jurisdictions to get this kind of technology installed right away.

Susan McGalla Sharing her Views on How Women can Climb the Ladder of Success in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the brightest female entrepreneurs in the United States, and she has inspired many young women in the country for the amount of success she has achieved in her career. Over the years, Susan McGalla has worked with many top corporate companies like Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the capacity of CEO and President. She has ensured that her under her watch, the companies continue to grow at a consistent pace. Susan McGalla has a deep insight of how the business works and has implemented many business development initiatives at the companies she has accomplished.

Susan McGalla has always been supportive of the fact that more women should be in the corporate world. However, unfortunately, the ratio between men and women in the corporate world is far from being equal. It is essential that successful women come forward to inspire other women are working their way up in the corporate arena. Susan McGalla is often seen sharing her experience and views on how women can strengthen their position in the industry. In a recent interview, Susan McGalla spoke about how the women today must focus on building their career. She believes that the foundation for a successful career is a good education and it is why she advised all the young women to complete their education and go for post graduation as well. The educational qualification plays a vital role in how the career shapes in the future.

Susan McGalla said that once in the corporate world, the women need a bit of encouragement and guidance, and it is why the companies should have an in-house mentoring program. It would allow the women to get the advice they need to rise up the corporate ladder and find encouragement from time to time to ensure they stayed motivated and determined to achieve their career goals.

How ClassDojo Came To Be Used In 90% Of U.S. Schools

Educational technology is an increasingly bigger industry. It is expected that it will reach $1.4 billion in 2017 once the results are tallied. While some companies in the industry are not doing well others with better business plans and products are thriving. The ones that are doing well are those that are convenient to use for teachers and provide a fun learning experience for children. Teachers are also on the lookout for ones that really do improve student learning and they know precisely what they’re looking for.

One educational technology company that has emerged from the pack is Classdojo. A lot of credit has been given to one of the co-founders of the company, Sam Chaudhary. He has built into the development process the feedback that he gets from the users of his company’s app, including students, parents, and teacher.

The main teacher need that Classdojo provides a solution to is communication. Teachers want parents involved because an involved parent helps students do better in class. In the past, every school has done the annual parent-teacher conference but that’s really nowhere near enough communication. That Classdojo enables easy real-time communication between teachers, students, and parents has led to about 90% of K-8 schools in the United States using their app. Class Dojo was co-founded in June 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and his business partner, Liam Don. They are based in San Francisco, California, and the mission of their company is to make it easy for teachers, students, and parents to maintain a connection. This helps to build a great educational community where the student thrives. In order to develop the ClassDojo app and continue to improve upon it, they have engineers, teachers, and designers from across the globe who all make contributions. The teachers come from both public and charter schools.

Beyond America, ClassDojo is now being used in over 180 countries around the world. In order to do this they have translated the app into many languages. There are now tens of thousands of classroom using ClassDojo which includes millions of students.

David Samadi Helps People Realize How Surgery Can Help Them

David Samadi has always tried to make sure he can help people through different issues they are suffering in the urology department. He knows what it takes to make the right choices in life and knows there are different things he can do if he is going to help people through the difficult situation of bladder, prostate and other cancers. David Samadi has always tried to help people with the issues they are facing and has tried to always give them the help they need to enjoy different opportunities while they are getting the lifesaving treatment they need.

When David Samadi wakes up before 5 in the morning every day, he uses the time he has to start his day out. Dr. David Samadi likes to peaceful mornings to think about different things and likes to make sure he can figure out what he is doing throughout the day. If he knows how to help people, it is because he takes the time and learns as much about himself on a daily basis so he can provide people with the most effective help possible. There are different things that he does that allow him to make the right choices in the business.

For David Samadi, this means he has to always try and help people through the different options they need to have. In addition to giving people the help they need, David Samadi has tried to always show others what they are doing and what they can do to help. David Samadi knows there are things that will take him time to get used to doing and there will be ways he can make the right choices in the industry but he also knows there will be other ways for him to continue helping people who have cancer and who do not have anywhere to turn.

As David Samadi has learned more about cancer treatment and how he can help his patients, he has kept everything that will help in mind. He knows people will be able to get more help from the things he has to offer and from the opportunities he has created for them. David Samadi has remained positive about different situations and continues to allow others the chance to see. He supports different options for people who are going through cancer treatment and for people who want the chance to experience a better life as a result.

David Samadi’s Facebook Page:

Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen are Changing an Industry

Nathaniel Ru and the team at Sweetgreen have been doing something special. They have taken a stagnant industry, fast food, and improved upon it by creating an innovative customer-focused company.

Sweetgreen is the high-end, salad-focused restaurant that focuses on giving customers healthy food without sacrificing affordability or that great taste. Sweetgreen started out in Washington D.C. and has since spread to more than 40 locations around the United States. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and

Sweetgreen recently opened up their corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and a Sweetgreen expansion across the nation could be underway. How did Sweetgreen get to this point? How was Nathaniel Ru, one of three co-founders, so instrumental in the success?

To start out with, Nathaniel Ru met his fellow co-founders while taking an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman round out the three co-founders and they all have a similar background. The trio of co-founders are all first-generation immigrants who come from families with business backgrounds.

You could say that they all had it in their ‘blood’ to find success as entrepreneurs, but that was no substitute for hard work and a great idea.

Ru and his co-founders came upon the Sweetgreen concept, originally titled just ‘Greens’, when they realized that there were no healthy food options available near campus that students could realistically be expected to eat at while balancing school.

Nowadays, Ru and his team are still fixated on their core goals. That is why Sweetgreen only serves all natural, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. Each salad is made from the ground up with high-quality ingredients that are in season. This means that Sweetgreen routinely rotates their menu in order to stick with the seasons, always serving fresh food to their customers.

Not only is their fresh food impressive, but so is their commitment to changing with the times. Ru says, “Technology has always been part of our DNA.” What Ru means is backed up by statistics, too. Nearly 30% of all Sweetgreen orders are made via a mobile application or the internet. This tech-based integration is something that other companies are going to need to follow.

While Nathaniel Ru and his team have experienced success, they still haven’t backed down from their work ethic. Ru knows that there is much he can do and much he would have done differently if he could go back in time.

Most importantly Ru says that they’ve learned how to team-build and that has had the biggest impact on their success.