Cassio Audi and the Vipers Band

Does it sound unusual having the name Cassio Audi and Vipers Band together in the same sentence? You shouldn’t be astounded. Audio started off as a musician in the 1980s. Together with a group of other four local teenagers, Audi formed a heavy metal band known as Vipers. The five teenagers’ choice of music genre was heavily influenced by a British band, “Iron Maiden.” The Vipers began by performing in local shows before going ahead to produce some demo songs.

Audi played a key role in composing songs, and they were able to produce their first album, the Killer Sword. The album was regarded as a demo album and performed quite well in the local music scene. The group now had the responsibility of quenching the thirst of their new found fan base. The band later released a refined album which immediately propelled them into the limelight. The album still went the title Killer Sword, a title that became synonymous with the band.
Although he was a composer, Audi’s was the band’s drummer. As the group continued to grow, he became a more skilled drummer earning respect from fans and the metal music fraternity. He was also actively involved in the marketing of the Vipers across various parts of the continent and abroad.
By 1989, when Audi left the Vipers, they had three albums with the addition of Soldiers of Sunrise and Theatre of Fate. Additional records were matched by an increasingly growing fan base. They were now performing in shows beyond the borders further earning international popularity. They also won admiration from producers from abroad for their remarkable talent. The early members including Cassio Audi seem to have built a solid base for the band’s existence. It is probably a trait he has utilized in his journey as a successful investment specialist.

USHEALTH Group Maintains Award Winning Products and Service to Members

For more than 50 years, USHEALTH Group has maintained a considerable amount of loyalty from its members. Regardless of the product choice, members are very pleased with the quality of choices they have in order to service their needs.


Notwithstanding all of the uncertainty that has surrounded the healthcare industry as America awaits the decisions of Congress and the Trump Administration; USHEALTH Group has steadfastly moved forward with innovative product choices for customers. From medical products, vision, dental or life insurance, as well as an array of other product choices; USHEALTH Group members are well-provided for, when it comes to discerning options. Many of its competitors are unmatched by the product values that USHEALTH Group provides with a wide-variety of selections to meet a customer’s specific personal and financial needs.


It comes as no surprise that USHEALTH Group would once again be bestowed with the coveted Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service. Earlier this year, USHEALTH Group was honored at the 11th Annual Stevie Award ceremony with the Gold Award due to its continued commitment of providing excellence to customers and bringing resourceful innovation to the insurance industry.


One of the primary reasons USHEALTH Group has far exceeded the competition in product choices is because of a forward-thinking approach to navigate through a challenging moment within the industry, while strategically fine-tuning what already works effectively for its 15 million members. USHEALTH Group listens to members and efficiently implements product choices that are designed to provide affordability and reliability along with maintaining assurances of quality results.


As one of the leading insurance companies in the country, USHEALTH Group maintains a high standard for claims processing and customer service. In 2013, the company was named as one of the Top 50 North American Call Centers for providing outstanding customer service. In addition, USHEALTH Group ranks as one of the highest first payment cycles for processing claims.


USHEALTH Group is based in Fort Worth, Texas and was founded in 1982. The mission statement of USHEALTH Group is “Helping Other People Everyday” (HOPE) which is more than a catchphrase; it has become the company’s business model.

USHealth Group Excels in Quality Service While Maintaining Innovative Product Choices

USHealth Group delivers quality service to its 15 million customers nationwide by offering stability and consistency within its products.


For more than five decades, USHealth Group has invigorated the insurance industry by focusing on the type of quality service that satisfies the customer, meets their expectations and delivers what a customer needs through innovative and well-researched products. The company consistently wins awards for being the type of insurance provider that raises the bar each year and continues to out-shine the competition.


After more than 2,300 nominations representing organizations within all insurance fields and of all sizes, USHealth Group was chosen once again for the 2017 Gold Stevie Award within the sales and customer service category. The Stevie Award is determined by a panel of 75 specialized judges of worldwide professionals. USHealth Group has delivered the type of sales, business development and high-quality customer service that judges look for in order to bestow the recognition that is highly-competitive and among the fastest-growing award categories for the program.


The type of service that USHealth Group consistently illustrates goes beyond focusing on an end-result. The company engages with the consumer at each stage from innovative ideas, product improvement to solicited feedback in order to gauge the level of service received.


USHealth Group integrated the PremierChoice during the height of the United States government unveiling the Affordable Care Act. Unlike many of its competitors, USHealth Group delivered an additional product which was different than what was being provided as an essential benefit. The PrimerChoice plan allows members to receive benefits without a mandatory calendar year deductible being met. It is because of quality products such as the PrimerChoice, the reason members continue to endorse USHealth Group as their primary trusted choice.


In 2010, USHealth Group appointed Troy McQuagge for the company’s President and CEO. Troy has positioned the company towards record-breaking results while establishing an outstanding platform that has world-class recognition, innovative ideas and sound leadership judgment.


USHealth Group has epitomized the type of outcome that shows great effort and tenacity towards having the excellence in service and products that members can be depend on.


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Unique Traits Upheld by Jason Halpern

Jason is a renowned real estate developer with a lot to offer in relevant markets. After taking charge of their family business between 2010 and April 2014, the forty-two-year-old is the current director of Parametric Dining, LLC. Over the years he has gained remarkable leadership skills, which is the reason he keeps performing excellently. Currently, their family venture, JMH Development counts projects in New York State being worth of $500 million. This is inclusive of an expansion on 184 Kent, modifying a storeroom into comfy apartments. How tremendous!

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason’s passion and dedication are matchless. JMH Development has entrusted him with Townhouses of Cobble Hill as well as the greater Brooklyn surrounding. Those projects have proved to be a real embodiment of magnificence, not just to the residence of Brooklyn area but visitors as well. Additionally, throughout the New York area, their company has come up with innovative projects, which range from rental to commercial spaces, therefore attracting a large client base.

A Startling Project Made as a Result of Jason’s Input

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Around 2015 the Miami Beach area experienced an incredible boost in growth and aesthetic value, courtesy of JMH Development. Right at its heart sits a magnificent 235-room Aloft South Beach hotel, which owes people within and without the surrounding. Jason, who is formerly the JMH Development principal, has an undeniable track of reinstating quite momentous structures.

Facts Regarding JMH Development

Above named is a real estate firm known across the U.S for their innovative and distinct projects. In fact, they have been revolutionizing the real estate industry every new dawn. They are fully covered when it comes to the knowledge of real estate development as well as the market. Their set of skills coupled with professionalism and able management has made them thrill over the years.

Why Aloft Hotels Are Indisputably Unique

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Aloft South Beach hotel set an incredible pace in service delivery. Their guests can enjoy a wide array of services any time of the day or night. The boutiques, art porticoes, night clubs and the bass museum will leave you amused. They are set to expand their hotels to other countries across the world so as to extend their impressive services. Aloft is out to build their name through the delivery of cutting-edge services.


Jason’s Family

In a nutshell, Jason is a well-recognized leader with desirable abilities. He is not only a great mind but also sincerely devoted to his service. He understands that everyone needs a creative spirit to beat the ever-stiffening competition. It is true that the United States has such beauty to behold, thanks to Jason’s leadership at JMH Development. Even in years to come, a lot is still expected from this icon whose energy is gaping.

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund And Their Creation

There are many different people who are using the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund because they need help as they move through the southwest, and someone who wishes to make a change to their life will find that this fun makes their lives better.

The fund will give people a way to protect themselves when they have been oppressed by the police or the government, and someone who wishes to use their services may contact the Frontera Fund at any time.

#1: There Are Many People To Serve

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started the fund with money they were given in a settlement that they received from Joe Arpaio. It is much easier for someone to use the fund because they need help with the police, and these two men have ensured that they have all the resources that are needed for people. Someone who wishes to learn about the fund may do so today, and they will find that the fund does all in its power to help.

#2: There Are Many People To Help

The Mexican immigrants and migrant workers who come across the southwest will need help from the fund. The people who call for help are given an assist that they cannot get from the government because they know that the government is too hard to work with. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The Frontera Fund is a place where people are given services and help that they could not get anywhere else, and they will find that they are much safer because this fund helps them.

#3: The Growing Frontera Fund

The growing Frontera Fund is one that shows off many different events, have many people coming in to help and wishes to be as open to the public as possible.

There are many people who will find that they may volunteer with the Frontera Fund, and they may help them with the events that will be used to raise money. It is important that everyone who has questions about the work that they do is contacting the Frontera Fund.

#4: Making Arizona Better

The state of Arizona will grow quite a lot in its tolerance of the migrant population because of the fund, and they will notice that there are many people who want to help. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There are many migrants and immigrants who are coming through the state every year for a better life, and they should be treated with respect by the people of the state. That respect has been lost, and someone who has problems with their treatment must be able to come to the government for help.

There are many different people who need the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund to help them ensure that they have the time that is required to defend themselves.

Larkin and Lacey may ask the fund for help that comes in the form of legal aid, and they may ask them to help with the Sheriff’s office and the jails. All migrant workers and immigrants need the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fun to help them.

Relocation by Equities First Holding

A wise business man will tell you that when you see an opportunity, seize it. He will also tell you to base your business on integrity and transparency. You should not steal from your clients also. This is what Al Christy managed to do during the establishment of Equities First Holding. Having been in the field of finance for a long period, he noted that it was becoming increasingly difficult to acquire a loan in the United States. After some small research, he noted that this was the case elsewhere across the globe. He, therefore, decided to establish loan service that used stocks as collateral.

He based his business in Indianapolis, Indiana. The only difference between him and his competitors is that he adopted a way of returning stocks to his clients upon the end of the deal. This has seen him expand his business to Australia where he has three offices. These offices are located in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. As for the Melbourne office, Equities First Holding decided to move location to the downtown of the city. The main aim of this move was to make it accessible to more Australians. This came after some few clients in Melbourne raised the issue that the offices were located far away from downtown.

Apart from Australia and the United States, Equities First Holdings can be found in other parts of the globe such as South Africa, United Kingdom, Singapore as well as Hong Kong. In the US, they have another office that is located in New York, New York. There are benefits that come along with a stock based loan.

First, the loan has a fixed interest, unlike bank loans that deteriorate from time to time. Second, you don’t require security to acquire this loan.Finally, stock based loans can be diverted to projects outside their intended purpose.

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How to Fix Brazil?

Lately, two leaders sat down to discuss how to best fix Brazil’s current water crisis. Rapidly lost water must come to a halt right away if the country’s to press forward. Otherwise, it may find itself in a wastewater management issue similar to the U.S.’s and Greece’s current debt issues. It could be far worse.


Felipe Montoro Jens asked Carlos Edison many questions about how exactly the country’s government plans to impose sanctions and to fix the current water crisis while rebutting with numerous other questions and similar answers of his own. Both leaders found that this problem must be faced without hesitation, and it all starts with the people and with their government. The government must decide what is best for the people, and the people must vote on the government that they think is best for each correct situation: Public power usage, in combination with private and public sectors, was also highly discussed as these themes will only lead to improvements or a decline in the current situation.


Both leaders hoped for the latter. Philip Montoro Jens has interviewed many top leaders in his day. No interview has been quite like this one: This was a special moment for him.


As an expert and a lover of sanitation and sanctions, he got to express some of his best thoughts. He got to ask some of his best questions. In addition, he received answers that he was not expecting.


His input is always appreciated by Brazil’s media. Jens has been to the watering hole and back. In fact, has gone several times; he studied basic sanitation and concessions. He is Brazil’s government. He certainly knows how to combine all information learned from a relative perspective and how to retrieve answers out of people who seem to be hiding them.

Don Ressler Works for the Brands That He Created

Most CEOs play a semi-active role in the company that they are in charge of but most do not know every detail of the company from the ground up. Don Ressler knows that about the companies that he has created and he works to make sure that he is always an active part of the company. By doing this, he has made sure that he can keep track of everything that is going on in the company and the things that are happening with it. He also knows that it is something that can change often and that he must work hard to make sure that things are going to be able to be unaffected by the changes.


For Don Ressler, keeping track of his company is just one of the many ways that he can ensure it will be successful in the long run. He is hoping that the company will get better and continue to be successful like it has been in the past. He also knows that just because he has been successful up until this point is no guarantee that the company will continue to be successful in the years.


One thing that Don Ressler is doing to make sure that TechStyle continues to do well is making it something that people can’t live without. He has put the company in a position in the market that has made it easy for him to try new things and do new things with it. This has given him a chance to make sure that things are going to get better and that everything will work out for the company. As Don Ressler has continued to help the company grow, he has made sure that things are going to work out and that things will get better for him.


Similar to how Don Ressler used Kate Hudson at the beginning of the campaign for Fabletics, he is going to continue to use her to appeal to the audience. Even those who are still unfamiliar with the brand will be able to recognize a friendly face in Kate Hudson. He knows that she wants to be a big part of the company and that she will be able to make a difference for everyone who is working with the company. She has even put a lot of input into the company by designing some of the styles for Fabletics.

The War on Big Money Funding for Politics in US By End Citizen United Gathers Force

There are many organizations and nonprofits in the US waging war with the political establishment to bring back sanity in political campaign funding. One of the prominent Political Action Committees spearheading the struggle is known as End Citizen United. In the recent past, the activities of the PAC have been scrutinized due to claims it was making billions of dollars, and yet it is against political donations that run into millions. The people at the grassroots who support the initiatives of End United number millions, and it is out of their meager but generous contributions that the PAC is raising the huge sums.



In a move that has surprised many political pundits; the End Citizen United has embarked on a drive to support as many Democrats as possible so that pro-reform legislations can receive adequate support. The presence if dirty and dark money whose origin is questionable is raising concerns among the voters who believe that the syndicate of billionaire networks is out to take the political system hostage to its evil schemes .



The PAC hopes to gain the support of pro-reform lobbyists and Democrats in their fight to erect structures that will hinder the operations of the wealthy political shenanigans. The syndicates must be deterred from taking control of elections at all costs. The focus of the organization is to cause disruptions to the funding methods the wealthy employ to buy elections. On the other hand, there are claims that the groupings of the rich political lobbyists are a threat to the presence of Democrats in participating in major political decisions. End Citizen United, therefore, wishes to see many Democratic Senators and Congressmen elected.



The methods they intend to use are many and varied, but now they are focusing on making the issue of big money spending a matter of national concern and debate. Public discussions about how to end big spending in American politics is integral to their overall strategies. For that reason, the PAC is aiming to get many reform-minded legislators elected into both Houses of Parliament. One of their preferred candidates is Montana’s Democratic candidate , Jon Tester who is expected to defend his position. Another candidate is Ohio’s, Senator Sherrod Brown. The organization is convinced that the two leaders and other Democratic champions can make the fight against unlimited political campaign spending efficient.



About its membership, the group maintains that its recruitment process is transparent and open. Anybody who visits their website can view all the pertinent information related to their activities. All the candidates who will be endorsed by the group just need to complete a questionnaire to be considered as defenders of Democratic seats. The perception that the PAC is making more money than it is legally entitled to make is not right because of the popular support End Citizen United has at the grassroots It was founded in 2015 March, and most of the contributors supporting the group’s activities are ordinary citizens. Presently, the organization is advocating for the formation of a larger movement that will bring onboard all Democrats and liberals who wish to change the political landscape in the US.



End Citizen United complies with all the national and federal legal stipulations for the operations of such committees. All the filing requirements and other submissions required by the law are promptly complied with as dictated by the constitution.




Life Line Screening Preventive Resource

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have indicated that in the United States about 2.6 million individuals die annually. Chronic illness is becoming the prevalent cause of many deaths in the United States. Some of the chronic illnesses that have caused rampant deaths could have been avoided. With avoidable circumstances preventive health care serves great importance. Preventive health care is a very effective way to discover health complications during the early stage. Therefore, preventive health care puts in notion appropriate treatment for individuals.

Preventive health care is a very positive and proactive health care method. Preventive health care provides the benefit of decreasing the chances of experiencing very expensive and numerous complications later on. It enables early detection as well as beneficial prevention. Preventive health care also provides the opportunity to identify how to change one’s lifestyle in order to take charge before symptoms continue to increase and worsen.

Every human being has their own health risk factors. Therefore, at Life Line Screening certain test are done for each individual depending on one’s age, health history, kinfolk history, and general risk associated with one’s health. The test done at Life Line Screening that is associated with preventive health includes ultrasound screening, blood screening, and electrocardiograph. The purpose of the ultrasound screening is to be able to view organs within one’s body in order to identify potential health circumstances/ and or complications. The blood screening is done to detect one’s levels such as cholesterol and blood sugar. It can also be used to identify if an individual has damaged function of the liver. Electrocardiograph is done to detect if an individual has an irregular beating of the heart.

Life Line Screening established in the year 1993. Shortly after establishment this company began to stretch across the United States. It was offering preventive screening for more than 500,000 individuals. Life Line Screening has become very involved with health research. Since being founded Life Line Screening has become partners with several insurance businesses, corporations, and hospitals to learn more: click here.

In conclusion, Life Line Screening provides beneficial preventive care on a daily basis.